Coffee Tips

Coffee Tips
Coffee Tips
Not all coffees are created equal.
Here are some of our favourite tips for enjoying the perfect cup.
24th February 2015

In-store our coffee is used within 7-14 days (weather dependant). Freshly ground coffee is at its peak within this time frame and will exhibit its optimum favour. Whole beans are best used within one month of roasting. To keep your coffee fresh buy just roasted coffee often in quantities that will last you 1-2 weeks. That's why we sell our coffee in 200g bags only. Once opened, store your coffee in an air tight container in a dark, dry, cool place. Never freeze or refrigerate as moisture is coffee's worst enemy!

24th February 2015

When grinding whole beans at home use a fine grind for Expresso and a coarser grind for Plungers and Percolators.

Fresh is best. Always.
18th February 2015

It won’t come as a great surprise coffee is at its best when it’s at its freshest. That’s why using local-roasted beans like Pattison’s Coffee Roasters makes so much sense – you can enjoy them within days of being roasted. Also, do everything you can to keep your beans fresh by storing them in airtight containers away from direct sunlight or heat.

Better water equals better taste.
2nd February 2015

Nothing can ruin your coffee faster than tap water loaded with chlorine or other chemicals. Serious coffee lovers always use bottled spring water or filtered (but not distilled!) water.

Not too hot.
18th February 2015

Coffee is typically considered a hot drink. Yet if your water is too hot it will actually extract compounds that make it taste bitter. The proper brewing temperature is only about 93 Degrees Celsius, not 100. It’s also worth remembering coffee is best consumed quickly after brewing. Reheating or prolonged warming can make even the nicest coffee bitter.

Keep it clean.
11th February 2015

To prevent contamination from the build-up of residue, it’s important to thoroughly clean your storage containers, grinders and plungers. Always rinse thoroughly before using them again. The best cleaning method for your home equipment is the dishwasher, as the dishwashing powder has the perfect agent to clean away all the rancid residue in your coffee equipment. For espresso machines always back flush your group heads with a specific espresso cleaning chemical. You can find these at a local espresso retailer. Best searching the next for your closest retailer.

Coffee versus water.
15th January 2015

It’s a very personal thing, of course. But you need to get it right. Too little coffee and your brew will taste weak. Too much and it can be overpowering. If you use a French press, or plunger, at home where the temperature of the water drops quickly, you’ll generally need more coffee per unit of water. As a rough rule of thumb, start with a coffee-to-water ratio of approximately 10g coffee to 200mL of hot water.